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We Keep Moving

...Onward  ...Upward  ...Forward

Around the World!

Making Stars Shine Bright

"The Difference between life and living is the ability of choice.

The world never stops moving ...so why should you?"

Bruce Jeffers

What started as a special eventing on-campus hobby, the journey of Rrattler Production & Entertainment Group has become home to some of the industries aspiring talents and visionaries since 2000.

While we orchestrate and concert with a variety of recording and performing artists and talents across the entertainment and sports arenas, the culture and intellect of Rrattler Production and Entertainment Group believe in inspiring and empowering the at times overlooked but deserving talents of many - transpiring them from victims to victors. In fact, some of our incorporated talents are at risk youths and victims of human trafficking. 

Our brand is signature ...by craft, we lead by worth of example. 

Our path is simple, and that is to do the common things uncommonly well.

Our journey is timeless, and that is to always give back while moving forward.

We are a Company in business with people, not money -- and with the power and value of our audience in mind, we provide the best experience for both talents and venues as well as our partners and customers.

We are not just 'another'  entertainment and production company ...we are 'the other'

We keep moving!

... the next BIG thing!